Wednesday, 28 September 2011

More wool rugs and jute rugs at the Natural Rug Store

The Natural Rug Store, the online seller of rugs made from natural materials, has added more wool rugs and jute rugs to its product range. Since buyers have the option to build rugs to their own specification, the additional styles make the product range effectively limitless.

Among the vibrant new wool rug patterns at The Natural Rug Store are a wide range of stripes including Audrey, Mississippi, and Chicago. Stripes give rug-buyers a chance to design their own striking conversation piece rugs. By blending lighter or darker stripes with matching or contrasting borders, they can create a rug that's entirely unique.

The new jute rug patterns include herringbone – a look that is at once classic and modern.

"The popularity of wool and jute rugs is increasing," says James Hughes, marketing director at The Natural Rug Store. "These are natural materials that rug-buyers are already familiar with. People know what wool and jute are capable of – what we've been able to do is give them more choice and more scope for creativity."

Rug designers choose jute when they want to add a touch of luxury in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Jute has a soft natural sheen that the weavers at The Natural Rug Store exploit to the full. The effect is calming and luxurious.

The Natural Rug Store team go to the fertile Ganges delta for their jute. Here the climate is hot and humid – perfect for growing top quality jute. To keep the fibres intact, the plants are harvested by hand, then soaked for up to 20 days. By this time, the fibres can be separated with ease, ready for drying in the sun.

Wool is by far the most familiar natural rug material. It feels soft underfoot and gentle on the eye. It's an easy material to work with, which is why The Natural Rug Store is able to offer such a wide range of colours and weaves. By choosing breeds of sheep that produce soft yet hard-wearing wool, the designers at The Natural Rug Store have created a range that will take the pounding of feet without losing any of the warm and welcoming softness that rug-buyers expect.

To see the full range of natural wool and jute rugs, visit The Natural Rug Store

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