Friday, 31 January 2014

How to switch your energy supplier

Consumer bills are on the rise and households in the UK face rising energy costs. This is in part due to government policies that are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and government drives to improve the energy efficiency of the nations homes.
Government policies look likely to increase the cost of electricity by 27% by 2020 or £280 annually.
In addition the UKs gas reserves are dwindling, exposing the UK consumer to changes in world gas prices. The Department of Energy and Climate Change state that the rising cost of gas is largely in response to increases in the global demand and as the UK currently enjoys the cheapest unit cost in Western Europe prices are likely to continue to rise.
Add to this the toughening economic conditions which sees unemployment on the rise as well as inflationary pressure, and households are facing a bleak future as they try to keep themselves warm through Britain's harsh winters.

Fossil fuels are by their nature a finite resource and without the discovery of substantial new resources prices will continue to rise in indefinitely. Though the UK is taking steps towards renewable energy provision, its unlikely that this will replace fossil fuels within our lifetimes.

The government is seeking to mitigate the effects of such rises by aiding households in improving their energy efficiency. The Green Deal scheme has been developed, providing loans to households to aid them in installing energy-efficient products such as Smart meters and improved home insulation. With such improvements it is estimated that the average household will be able to save £94 annually.

The main six energy companies supply 99% of household energy in the UK and government holds hopes that there is room for increased competition in the marketplace. Up to 85% of UK homes have never considered switching their energy suppliers so there may be substantial savings to be made if people take the time to check out their full range of options.
With a lessening of government regulation many new players have joined the energy business bringing new life and increasing competitiveness with in the energy market has made it incredibly simple for households to compare energy prices and switch their energy supplier.
Theres a wealth of energy supply comparison sites on the Internet and by supplying your postcode a quick estimate can be made of the level of savings that could be achieved. With a few simple mouse clicks a deal with a new supplier can be arranged. Ensure to explore the range of grants and loan that are available from both energy suppliers and local and national government as with an improvement of the energy efficiency of your home you could double your savings. Deregulation of the energy market has also allowed new green suppliers to compete for your business, so its now possible to invest in the future of the planet by meeting your energy needs from a supplier that will have a minimal impact on the environment.

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