Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Logicor launches a new way to cut energy bills with its Green Plug

Logicor have just launched their Green Plug, which is an energy saving plug that automatically shuts off the power to appliances that they are wired into. The plug enables families to reduce energy bills and save on carbon emissions if used with appliances that are accidentally left on, or on stand-by, for long periods of time. The plug also reduces fire hazards around the home by turning off devices that have the potential to start fires if left on unattended.

The Green Plug contains an air driven timer to switch off the power supply after a pre-determined amount of time. The device itself does not use any electricity and can be attached to any household appliance with a standard three-pin plug.

UK homes spend an average of £365 per year on unnecessary and wasted energy caused by accidentally leaving appliance plugged in or on stand-by when they are not in use, according to a recent report compiled by Professor Martin Crowder of Imperial College London using the data from a recent ComRes poll. It is this aspect of energy bills that the Green Plug is able to reduce when attached to devices that are frequently left on, indeed it has been proven that the Green Plug can reduce energy bills by as much as 33%.

Using the Green Plug also has environmental benefits. According to the UK Government 27 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by the housing sector so by reducing energy wastage in the home the Green Plug also makes a positive contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The plugs are available in a variety of different time ranges suitable for a variety of different devices. Plugs with a shorter time range, between five and ten minutes, are suitable for appliances with a high fire risk such as hair straighteners or irons, whilst those with a longer time range, between 30 and 50 minutes, are suitable for bedroom lights.

Logicor also has a complimentary Wall Socket, which can be retro-fitted or used in new builds. This device also contains an air driven timer and automatically switches off power supply in the same way that the Green Plugs do. The socket differs from the plug because the timer on the sockets can be set and changed by the user.
The plugs cost £5.99 and the wall socket £9.99. The plugs are available now the wall socket will be available from November 2010. Both are available through CEFCO in the UK.


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