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Beyond Organic Skincare

Beyond Organic Skincare have recently launched their fabulous new age defying Ultra Radiance Range. 100% natural and with over 90% organic ingredients. Beyond Organic Skincare is the first company in the UK to have achieved Natrue organic certification. Also ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited. The NATRUE label was set up as an international kitemark to help consumers identify products that are genuinely organic and natural, wherever they are in the world. Beyond Organic products offer purity with performance and have won 19 prestigious awards. They are all 100% natural and certified organic, containing no synthetic chemicals at all. Their products are jam-packed with Omegas, Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants and over 190 biologically active compounds.

For more information contact:
E: T: 0845 500 3550 or 01326 341088


Kenya’s forests and the legacy of Wangari Maathai

Over the last 30 years, vast swathes of Kenya’s forests have been ruthlessly felled for fuel wood, building materials and other uses. Abusing nature in this way always results in a payback. In Kenya’s case it has been rising temperatures, increased droughts and persistent water crises.
The situation faced in Kenya mirrors that seen in countries such as Sudan. Population growth and expansion of human activity into previously untouched areas also play a part. John Michuki, minister for the environment, says: “Serious droughts have occurred in the last four years, major rivers show reduced volume, and many seasonal ones completely dry up. The consequent crop failures in 2009 placed an estimated 10 million Kenyans, or one in four of the population, at risk of malnutrition.”
There is, however, some hope that the bleak situation facing Kenya can be reversed or at least halted. The hope comes in the form of the legacy of the late Wangari Maathai, the Nobel prize-winning founder of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. This movement has now secured government support to plant 450m trees each year. There are grand ambitions. The movement wants to enlist the help of thousands of schools, women’s groups and youth organisations to plant tree nurseries and hep to reverse the effects of illegal logging.
It is clear that the Kenyan government must act fast if it is to avert ecological disaster. Its main priority now is to protect the country's five great forests – the upland areas of Mount Kenya, the Aberdares, Mount Elgon, the Mau Forest and the Cherangani Hills. Together, these areas provide over 90% of Kenya’s water and electricity, storing rain in the wet seasons and pumping it out via the rivers during the dry months.
"We are vastly affected by climate change. The trends are now extreme. We are seeing adverse effects everywhere. When no crops grow, we have to seek aid. Our economy is greatly affected, so adaptation is our priority," says Moses Omedi, an official in the environment department.
It is to be hoped that Kenya’s efforts pay dividends and that the country can serve as an example to other African countries facing similar problems. In this respect, Wangari Maathai's legacy lives on.

Eco conscious consumers value the environment over price

Research published in the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal has once again emphasised that eco conscious consumers are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly goods and services. Under the title Framing the Green Alternative for Environmentally Conscious Consumers, the researchers used a series of experiments to show that focusing on the advantages of green products creates a positive impression in the minds of consumers. Whilst this has little impact on price-sensitive consumers with little awareness of environmental impacts, it does increase the purchase likelihood for eco conscious consumers.
We can conclude from these findings that companies who specialise in selling green and fair trade products should not try to compete with generic sellers on a race to the bottom price basis. Instead, green companies should extol the virtues of their products and promote their eco friendly credentials. Eco conscious consumers and general consumers are essentially two different and distinct groups. The latter will always opt for lower prices regardless of the environmental benefits, particularly in times of economic hardship. Green companies, especially those operating in niche markets such as eco friendly insurance, should therefore not try to compete on price alone but should instead seek to appeal to the core group of eco conscious consumers who are actively looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

For eco conscious consumers, helping to protect the rainforests, foster fair trade, saving endangered species, stabilising population growth and reducing climate change are noble pursuits which sit above purely price considerations.

Carbon offsetting in action

Carbon offsetting schemes have often come under fire, chiefly because some of these schemes have been in dubious projects with limited (and sometimes non-existent) impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
However, genuine carbon reduction schemes do exist and make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.
One such example is run by the insurance company Climatesure. When you buy a policy, Climatesure will calculate the carbon dioxide you produce by flying overseas and pay for it to be ‘offset’ by Climate Care, a leading carbon offset company. This payment is part of the price, and doesn’t cost you any extra.
One of the projects funded includes renewable power in India, introducing stoves into schools that run off a renewable fuel source, replacing stoves that use fossil fuel LPG. Crop waste is being used to make biomass briquettes for the stoves, providing an extra income to farmers. For the schools this is good news because the new renewable fuel is cheaper. This project is expected to save 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.
Another project supplies efficient lighting in South Africa, working with organisations including community groups and housing associations to install energy efficient lighting into people's homes. Most of the lamps are being installed in low income households – and use only a fifth of the electricity when compared to a standard bulb. Expected savings are 14,100 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Benefits of wind farms

In a recent poll by Ipsos Mori it was found that renewables are greatly favoured by the British public over fossil fuels in generating electricity. In fact, more Britons are in favour of subsidies for wind power development than those who are opposed. So it seems that, despite the frantic efforts of wind farm protestors, the balance of public opinion lies heavily with the wind far advocates.
The Ipsos Mori poll found that two thirds of those polled were either strongly in favour or tended to favour wind farms, believing that the impact on the landscape was acceptable.
Those opposing wind farms include the Daily Mail and US property magnate Donald Trump who is famously campaigning against them in Scotland. A new anti-wind farm campaign group has also sprung up called National Opposition to Windfarms.
It is with some amusement when asking wind farm protestors where they believe future energy demands should be met. Fracking and underground explosions polluting water supplies? Oil from despotic regimes who believe in stoning women to death? Coal powered stations belching out pollution and causing smogs? And what happens when these alternative sources run out, given that they are finite?
Opponents of renewable energy also claim that wind farms cost more to build than the electricity that they produce, and that the lights will go out because renewables are unreliable. Again, this is propaganda not substantiated by the evidence. For example, the Scottish government plans to generate all of its electricity from renewables by 2020. With further capacity due to be added after that date, it is set to become a net exporter of electricity to England.
The argument against renewables clearly is inane and short-term, which is why the public is not fooled and remains generally supportive of wind farms and other developing renewable technology. Yet the protests continue, most prominently by the tycoon Donald Trump, who has claimed that Scotland will become a third world wasteland that global investors will avoid.
There is a further, strong case for investment in renewable technologies. That is, they create jobs and stimulate investment. In Scotland alone, its waters are estimated to have a quarter of European potential offshore wind technology, which is forecast to generate about £30bn of investment and lead to the creation of up to 28,000 jobs.
Like fossil fuels, the protestors are relics of a past generation addicted to old oil and coal, destined to be left behind in the unstoppable momentum towards a cleaner and ecologically brighter future.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Essence of Eden

Trading since the spring of 2004 and celebrating their “Ten Year Anniversary” in spring 2014, Essence of Eden has a lot to be proud of. They were recently selected as a Finalist in the Quality Food Awards and also received a Gold Award in the Organic Food Awards.  Add this to their existing level of awards for product quality, consistency of supply and customer service all add up to an exceptional little company.
Starting with the Quality Food Awards, Simon Wright, Food Consultant and Chair of the QFA Judging Panel stated “Every Year the Quality Food Awards provides us with a glimpse of what is possible when the best food and drink producers focus on making something extraordinary. This year was no exception”
The Quality Food Award accolades are the most difficult to win in the food and drink business sector. So for Essence of Eden to be selected as a Finalist as a small producer  amongst the giants of Tesco, Aldi, Lidl , Sainsbury, Asda, Marks & Spencer, The Cooperative and others is no small accomplishment. So congratulations to all the Finalists and all the Winners of each category.
With over 1000 products submitted and over a 100 judges, the QFA of 2013 was a record breaker!  This award process is not a blind tasting session, but an analysis of the whole product. Value for money, quality of product, packaging, labelling and those that meet customer demand in all aspects.  The awards now in their 40th year are well placed to make such judgements.
The Organic Food Awards and the Free From Food Awards are run as blind tasting sessions, which are most useful.
This process is conducted via a panel of judges who do not know which company is behind the product they are tasting until all is revealed and Essence of Eden have been awarded a total of five awards to date, the only coconut oil to do so.  In 2004 when Essence of Eden was born, it was out of sheer desperation to have access to a top quality oil as what was available was gravely below standard, even though top prices were applied. It made it very difficult to determine top quality oil from those that were being made available as a food.  With blind tasting awards it put a stop to that scenario. 
And although Essence of Eden does not have the Fair Trade logo they are Fairly Traded as the price paid is above and beyond.  Each logo adds to the cost of producing the product which is then clawed back by adding to the price to the customer. We would rather give the annual fee direct to the farmer and quietly lead the way based on what we know to be morally right, even if that means paying quite a bit extra for our raw materials. We appreciate that the Fair Trade Organisation is absolutely necessary due to the majority wanting to purchase raw materials at base cost, believing it to make good business sense. We beg to differ, we don’t think it is good for business and are happy to pay a rate above being sustainable and so are our customers when they understand our stance on the issue. More importantly so are our farmers!  Not to say we will never go the Fair Trade route, even if it is just to ensure the correct public perception of what we stand for..........
Thank you for supporting all involved...........

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Global SeeSaw

With Christmas less than a month away, many people are busy with buying gifts for family and friends and overwhelmed by the number of choices that need to be made.

For many, life becomes that bit more complicated as the “need to get presents bought” competes with values and the desire to “do Christmas differently.”

Our friends have told us how they want to avoid retail giants such as Amazon for a wide number of reasons. Others have said how important gifts are that make a real difference to both those who make them and those who receive them. We think that is where we can help.
Each one of the items listed on our website are handmade by great people at social businesses’ where the employees are at the centre. They do not cut staff to slash costs and increase profits for owners. Instead it is the staff who are the key people. Through running as a clear social enterprise we use business as a tool to move people out of poverty and exploitation. We believe business can make a real difference and whether Christmas or not, we make sure people are empowered and lives changed.
In the last few months we have revamped our website and have both new and popular existing products.  Why not help us to help you this Christmas and visit our online shop to find great presents which show that you have thought of people.

Toucan Eco Cleaner

If you are looking for something new and exciting in the world of cleaning the Toucan-Eco™ stands out as a real innovation. Imagine making a low cost and effective combined cleaner/disinfectant from a simple solution of salt and water using electro chemical activation.
  • The activated fluid is inexpensive to produce
  • It is made fresh on the spot
  • It is safe to use around people and animals
  • It will replace most other chemicals
  • It cleans and disinfects brilliantly
  • Suitable for use in the home and commercial sector.
  • Tried and Tested

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

EcoKnit Quick Drying Snag Free Towels & Robes

Welcome to EcoKnit Quick Drying Snag Free Towels & Robes. EcoKnit products have been designed to save you money, this they guarantee. From quicker drying times to longer lasting towels you will be amazed of the benefits EcoKnit products can provide to you and the environment. Cut your laundering time and costs considerably with EcoKnit quick drying snag free products and enjoy hassle free, environmentally friendly laundering. No More Lengthy Laundering times, No More High Energy bills, No More Snags, Reduced Water consumption and Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Free UK home improvements with Green Deal

Free UK home improvements with Green Deal

Want to make your home more energy-efficient without having to provide money upfront? This is where the Green Deal can help. The Green Deal is the government’s plan to help households become more energy efficient without upfront costs to pay for the improvements. This plan was set in place from 28th January 2013, so you can now get funding of up to £10,000 to help pay for your home energy improvement measures. Therefore, instead of using your savings or taking out loans to install your improvement measures such as loft insulation, solid wall insulation, double glazing, renewable energy systems or even a new boiler, you can take out a long-term Green Deal finance package instead that is attached to your property.
The Green Deal is available to everyone so anyone can benefit from a Green Deal assessment at their home in the UK. If you are interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency then read on.

What happens next?
If you are interested in the Green Deal you will need to undergo an inspection of your home by a local certified Green Deal Assessor. The Green Deal assessment process is made up of two main parts, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and an Occupancy Assessment (OA) so that your assessor can give you specific recommendations tailored to your energy usage and the fabric of your home.

The EPC determines your home’s energy performance; your assessor will walk around your home making a floor plan, taking photos as supporting evidence and look at what your home is built with. This is non-evasive so your assessor will not venture anywhere that is locked or lift boards. The OA is the second section of the assessment, where your personal energy usage is measured. The sort of questions you can expect to be asked include, what temperature your thermostat is set to and what your heating timings are set to. You will also go through your energy bills with the assessor so they can input how much you currently spend on energy.
Depending on the results from the assessment your Green Deal assessor will not only give you recommendations that you can get through the Green Deal but they will also advise you on how you might be wasting energy in your everyday routine and which measures you can put in place to suit your lifestyle and home. Therefore, creating a Green Deal Plan specifically tailored to your preferences and property. Your plan also contains the financial terms and agreements and the customer protection measures such as guarantees and warranties to cover the installation and measures.

After your Green Deal assessment

Once your Green Deal plan has been created it needs to be assessed by a Green Deal Provider who will approve and arrange your finances to cover your home improvements installations. Your provider is responsible for your finance funding, over-seeing the installation of your energy measures and dealing with your queries and for providing information when a new bill payer moves in.

Once your home improvements have been approved and finance has been put in place you can start having your energy efficiency measures installed at your property. However, only an authorised Green Deal installer carrying a Green Deal quality mark can install your improvements to ensure that you will be eligible for the Green Deal finance.

There are over 40 different energy efficient measures available for installation at your property, including, boilers, home insulation, electric storage heaters and microgeneration products such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar PV, solar thermal and biomass boilers to name a few. These home improvements will not only improve your comfort of living but also reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Article written by Liverpool Green Deal Upgrade, your local Green Deal Assessor for homes in Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New from Old

New from Old designs, handcrafts and installs bespoke solid wood kitchens and furniture for the home using either reclaimed pine or new accredited sustainable hardwoods, including the beautifully grained Oak, Ash, Elm, Sycamore, Beech. The grain of the wood is carefully chosen and used as an integral part of each design. Sole Proprietor Rick Forward is a furniture craftsman, and uses time-tested methods of craftsmanship to create traditionally made kitchens and furniture in contemporary and traditional styles. His philosophy is to create beautiful and functional interiors with minimal environmental impact.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Natural air conditioning

Some of the worst air quality is found in the home. Plants filter out many air impurities and give off oxygen, so why not grow a few indoors? The green spider plant, peace lily and philodendrons are particularly good air filters.

The very best air freshener?
Fresh air! Open the window for a while - its free. Air fresheners do not contain fresh air, but many contain toxins.

More money saving tips and ideas

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Turtle Doves

Turtle Doves make recycled, ethical clothing out of pre-loved jumpers. They make once-loved garments into ethical clothing. They have been operating as a recycled clothing store since November 2009, recycling cashmere fabrics & other knits they buy into gorgeous Eco-friendly, fashionable items of clothing, which are useful and beautiful too!

Living more sustainably also means saving money!

It's easy to forget the money side of things when moving to a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint. Put simply, living more sustainably saves money. Switch that around, and it means that saving money helps us to lead more sustainable lives. Better for your pocket = better for the planet.

It's amazing when you really consider the amount of money that we could save simply by making a few simple changes. It comes back to the old adage - every penny saved is a penny earned. That doesn't mean, of course, that we have to make hard sacrifices to save a few quid. Quite the contrary, its often the simple changes that generate the greatest savings. Piggy Bank is a free website that provides lots of useful tips and ideas for saving money whilst helping the planet.

A family we knew recently changed their old gas guzzling boiler, reducing their carbon emissions whilst shaving £25 each month off their fuel bill. Over a few years it actually pays for itself. Beyond that its all profit. They also changed their 2.0 engine 4 x 4 for a smaller but equally practical family car - the road tax, fuel and insurance costs saved them a further £80 each month.

There are obviously many more changes that can be made to save literally thousands of pounds each year. A good idea is to write down your monthly outgoings and then consider how each one could be reduced. Try it! You could save a small fortune.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Natural Gardener

Nature wastes nothing, and now we all know that it's a pity we did not learn from that wise old lady earlier!

All of The Natural Gardener's products, even their packaging, comes from the soil, and will return to it, but the journey includes fair free trade, wonderful natural growth in your garden and an income for at least a few of the millions far less advantaged than us.

Gardening naturally -  peat, chemicals and plastic free.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fresh Therapies Natural Polish Remover

Fresh Therapies Natural Polish Remover is totally natural and uses a carefully blended mix of natural ingredients that are kind on your nails and skin. With no harmful man made chemicals it's perfect for you, your family and the planet.  Also winner of the Best Beauty Vegan Product 2013.

No man made chemicals,  just Mother Nature's very own solution...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Honour Your Flow

Honour Your Flow. Natural and reusable menstrual pads, cloth tampons, washable breastpads and accessories. Very beautiful, top quality pads in many shapes and sizes to suit all needs. Extremely heavy flow a speciality, also a new Petite range. Most pads are made from oeko-tex bamboo fabrics, with wool backings an option.

10% discount with the code GPD

"I just tried your pads! Not only are they beautiful, but they are soft, easy to wash and they stay in place."

Monday, 4 November 2013

Spirals Fair Trade

Spirals offers you the chance to buy from a beautiful collection of ethically sourced products. Including fairtrade gifts, eco-friendly furniture, fairtrade home furnishings, ethical toys and the best in fairtrade and ethical fashion … there is plenty to choose from! Most of their fairtrade products are sourced from BAFTS registered wholesalers. They also stock products made in the UK which are earth friendly, many of them made in Hebden Bridge. This includes items made using reclaimed timber, natural skincare products, and work by local designers using recycled materials.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ethical Futures - ethical independent financial advice

ethicalfutures are ethical independent financial advisers (IFA). They specialise in ethical investment and financial planning advice. Based in Edinburgh, they advise private clients, charities and trusts throughout Scotland and the UK.

Their job is to help you make the right decisions for your needs both financially and ethically. At ethicalfutures, they believe they can help you make your money change your world.

Go Green with Style!

BasketBasket is a family run business based in Hampshire.
What started as a business offering a green alternative to the plastic bag has developed into a stylish range of baskets from handbags to beach baskets to household storage.
However, BasketBasket never forget their primary eco friendly objective to create a range of useful and beautiful baskets, paying fair trade prices direct to local suppliers.
Having lived in France, founder Virginia fell in love with baskets but could never find them in the UK, so launched BasketBasket in October 2008.
“We aim to offer something for all tastes - from lightweight couffin baskets to robust reed carriers - and now our baskets are appearing in hotels, delicatessens, garden centres and shops throughout the UK, as well as in homes around the world too. Neal's Yard Remedies are using one style for their own in-store shopping basket. They are handmade so each one is chic and unique!”
“The damage from plastic bags to animals and the environment is long lasting and horrific, so we hope that many people will continue to choose a reuseable bag or basket for all their shopping trips.”
Why choose BasketBasket?
  • The baskets are made by talented artisans, ensuring these ancient skills are not lost for future generations
  • By paying fair trade prices, this ensures the makers can provide a better lifestyle for their own families
  • They are all made with natural products which will biodegrade at the end of their long working life
  • To help offset the carbon in their transportation, BasketBasket are members of the Woodland Trust
  • Environmentally friendly packaging - biodegradable bubblewrap and brown paper - is used for all posted orders
For more information and to view the range available visit

Monday, 30 September 2013


Duckydora, exclusive beautiful and ethically sourced gifts and products for the modern home. Duckydora is a design-led homeware and gift company offering exclusive ethically sourced products for the modern home. Unique contemporary designs and subtle use of colour are complimented by reclaimed and recycled materials to create an exclusive range of gift and homeware products. Duckydora is proud to support British manufacturing, where possible sourcing products from Great Britain working in conjunction with smaller producers and artisans to create desirable gifts and goods for the modern home.

Volunteer 4 Africa

Volunteer 4 Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people volunteer for free or at reasonable cost in Africa. As well as being an easy-to-use resource for anyone interested in volunteering in Africa, they encourage philanthropic travel by providing the wish lists of voluntary organizations and charities. In essence, they are a one-stop shop for volunteers and responsible travellers interested in making a difference to Africa's animals, its people, and the environment.

Volunteer Latin America

Want to volunteer abroad for free or at reasonable cost in Central and South America? Volunteer Latin America informs international volunteers about some of the best volunteer opportunities in the environmental and humanitarian sectors. Whether you want to work with animals, volunteer with children, help out in a hospital, or are simply interested in volunteering abroad for free, we can connect you to suitable volunteer work opportunities in Central and South America.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Rug Couture

Rug Couture are bespoke rug and runner specialists who can create any rug in any size, any shape and in any colour combination. Free material swatches and colour samples of each product are available upon request and discounts are available for trade customers. Their key selling points are that they can create and delivery any bespoke rug faster than any other company in the world. And, as their distribution centre is based in the Midlands you will find that their prices are generally much lower than that of their competitors.

The Natural Rug Store

The Natural Rug Store specialise in custom made natural fibre rugs and runners. All products are made from the finest natural materials which include coir, jute, seagrass, sisal, sisool and wool. A complimentary samples service is available and discounts are available for trade customers. All rugs and runners can be designed online quickly and easily using the fantastic Rug Builder tool.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Conscious Skincare

At Conscious Skincare they are passionate about making truly organic handmade skincare products from their rural retreat in West Wales. Their award winning range includes the highest quality organic face and body products, luxurious gift sets, and specialised items suitable for Hotel or Spa use. All ingredients serve a useful purpose, none are added for colour, fragrance, filling or bleaching. They are also constantly mindful of the environment, selecting recycled or recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium and paper for all their packaging. Conscious Skincare - beautiful items, lovingly packaged with a clean conscience. Visit for more information.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Green cities - Leeds as an example!

Green cities

Green cities - Leeds as an example!

Green cities

Which are the UK’s most polluted cities?

Britain is one of the most congested countries in the world, with some studies suggesting that the average British motorist spends over 200 days of their life in traffic jams. London is the worst city, with around 35 per cent of the capital’s roads regularly congested according to the satnav company TomTom. Other cities with high levels of traffic congestion include Edinburgh, Manchester, Bradford, Oxford and Birmingham.
It isn’t just the frustration and inefficiency caused by traffic congestion that is a concern. Traffic pollution is believed to be responsible for a growing number of new cases of asthma in children. A report in the Guardian also claims that poor air quality is the cause of more than 4,000 deaths in London each year. So bad is the pollution in our capital that the EU is threatening to impose fines for failure to meet legal limits.
With a growing UK population density it is clear that we cannot continue to fill our roads with increasing volumes of traffic. This simply isn’t sustainable in the long-term and it poses a growing problem to our health, particularly children who live in the most polluted cities.

Road pricing – a green solution to an impending traffic crisis?

A report by the RAC Foundation predicts that traffic levels could increase by 33% within 15 years, due to a combination of population rises, economic recovery and road spending cuts. Unless radical changes are introduced, the result will be increasingly gridlocked traffic, greater congestion and a rise in air pollution.
The report goes on to suggest that a "pay-as-you-go" system could solve the problem. In a nutshell, drivers would pay per mile travelled. There remains debate on whether this will be on motorways only, or if it would be extended to other major roads. Car sharing is another initiative being promoted more heavily.
Whilst many people are instinctively opposed to road charging of this nature, because it’s viewed as just another tax, many acknowledge that it would make them re-consider their journeys and amount of time spent driving.
Regardless of the particular approach to the problem, it’s clear that traffic levels cannot be allowed to rise by over 33% with widespread gridlock ensuing. That scenario would ultimately cost motorists more and cause greater damage to the environment.
For eco-conscious individuals, this is a nightmare scenario – long stretches of roads with cars sat bumper to bumper cloaked in a thick shroud of smog.
Many insurers offer discounts for drivers who drive fewer miles, away from major roads and outside of the ‘rush hour’. It now looks as though the government will be forced to follow suit through some financially based form of incentive.

EU to introduce law to force car manufacturers to cut carbon emissions by a third by 2020

According to a leaked report in the Guardian, the EU is to impose a 95g CO2/km limit by 2020. It then intends to reduce this limit even further in an attempt to encourage manufacturers to make more hybrid and electric cars.
Though car manufacturers have voiced concern about tough new regulation, arguing that it could harm the industry in the face of difficult economic conditions and increased foreign competition, there would be benefits for motorists in the form of big savings in fuel. The new law would also encourage the motoring industry to invest in newer technologies and innovation to meet the new targets. Obviously, the reduction in emissions would also help to combat climate change (exhaust fumes are currently responsible for around a third of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions).

Dinosaurs, Mother Nature and Human Destiny

Dinosaurs, Mother Nature and Human Destiny

Scandal of the rainforest killings


Is your weekly shop killing the orang utans and the rainforests?

Orang utans and the rainforests

Protecting the tiger from extinction

Tiger extinction

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Katharine Botanicals

Utilising natural ingredients to create a beautiful range of skincare products, Katharine Botanicals is well suited to delicate skin. They offer mother and baby care so you can sooth your stretch marks and keep your baby’s delicate skin feeling beautiful as well as a range of natural remedies for psoriasis. You can also enjoy their Pure Indulgence face cream; they have nourishing skincare for all skin types. Have a look at their vegan range of skin care and they never test their products on animals.

Light Switch Timer - A timer which fits over your switch by Switched on Products — Kickstarter

Light Switch Timer - A timer which fits over your switch by Switched on Products — Kickstarter

The green economy

The green economy

The environmental cost of technology

The environmental cost of technology

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bee Happy Plants

Bee Happy Plants sell ‘Wild Species’ plants which are ideal for all bees and pollinators, and propagate our wild species plants (to Soil Association Organic standard) from seed, also selling seed of these species. Wild flowering plants have evolved over millions of years with their pollinators. They also have the ability through healthy gene-pools, by growing from seed, of evolving to adapt to changing environmental conditions, it being the mechanism by which all species on earth have so far survived.

Loss of wild species plants ultimately means loss of their pollinators.

Natural Friends - Ethical Dating

Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first ethical 'green' dating and friendship site for environmentally-sensitive, country-loving, health-conscious people aspiring to tread lightly on the earth. They attract members with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, unique individuals looking for a compatible partner to share interests such as outdoor activities, musical and creative events, human and animal welfare, conservation and personal development. Join today for free and your chance of finding a soulmate who will match your values and expectations will improve immeasurably.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Fair Trade movement re-states commitment to green practices

In recent weeks, two key statements by the international fair trade movement have re-stated their commitment to environmentally friendly practices in the production of fair trade goods.

Principles of Fair Trade

One of the core tenets of the fair trade movement is the sustainability of the production process.

Indeed one of the World Fair Trade Organisation’s (WFTO) 10 Principles of Fair Trade is “Respect for the environment”, which states:

• Organizations which produce Fair Trade products maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources in their ranges, buying locally when possible.

• They use production technologies that seek to reduce energy consumption and where possible use renewable energy technologies that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

• They seek to minimize the impact of their waste stream on the environment.

• Fair Trade agricultural commodity producers minimize their environmental impacts, by using organic or low pesticide use production methods wherever possible.

• Buyers and importers of Fair Trade products give priority to buying products made from raw materials that originate from sustainably managed sources, and have the least overall impact on the environment.

• All organizations use recycled or easily biodegradable materials for packing to the extent possible, and goods are dispatched by sea wherever possible.”

Global Fair Trade Week & Fair Trade Beyond 2015

This commitment to eco-friendly practices was re-confirmed at WFTO’s Global Fair Trade Week in Brazil in May 2013. The conference statement declared that the international fair trade movement would continue to fight against “the causes of climate change” and for “respect for the environment”.

In addition, the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 campaign (which is calling on the UN to replace the 2015 Millennium Development Goals with a new global development framework) wants to “encourage environmentally-sustainable farming and production practices” as one of the key elements of its development framework.

Fair Trade equals eco-friendly

So fair trade is not only about making a commitment to balancing the current unequal global trade rules and practices, but to creating an ‘equitable and sustainable world’ based on environmental as well as social and economic development.

This environmentally sustainable approach to business is carried out by fair trade retailers across the world, as the goods they sell are usually made by small artisan producer groups creating high quality handmade goods in an eco-friendly manner.

How Accessory Fair helps the environment

For example, here at Accessory Fair, our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment is a core element of our business philosophy which can be seen in many ways. For example:

• The vast majority of our fair trade products are made using natural materials and eco-friendly dyes.

• One of our jewellery suppliers works exclusively with the Women for Conservation project in Columbia, which seeks to help marginalized women who live near nature reserves to make ethical jewellery using sustainable materials.

• Our winter woolies supplier recently funded a river erosion rescue project in the village where many of their workers live in Nepal.

• Within our own business we use the bio-degradable Eco Poly Jacket to send out orders, and only ever use 100% recycled paper. In this way we, along with every other fair trade retailer, are doing our bit to minimise our impact on the environment, and contribute to the global fair trade movement campaigns to encourage environmental sustainability.

Colin Timperley
Accessory Fair

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Choose What I Use

Welcome to I Choose What I Use! They’re here to prove that beauty doesn’t have to come with the ugly price tag of such things as animal testing and petrochemical by-products. I Choose What I Use are Vegetarian Society approved and all their hair, skin and beauty products are carefully selected to ensure that they are vegetarian, cruelty free and naturally derived. Many are also vegan, organic or fairtrade. They aim to cater for the natural skin care needs of all members of your family (see their department for pets!) whatever their age.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Special offer - Organic Skin Care Set from Beauty Naturals

Green Providers Directory Offer Organic Skin Care Set Save 50% plus a free gift, worth £8.50 Two wonderful products formulated with organic Rosehip Oil and a wealth of natural oils and herbal extracts to restore and maintain a supple, smooth and glowing complexion. The set features 100ml Organic Facial Cleansing Oil and 100ml Advanced 24 Hour moisturising Balm. You can purchase this wonderful set for a special discounted price of £14.00 (saving 50% of rrp £28.00) with a FREE 100ml Harmonising Skin Tonic (worth £8.50) & free p&p. To order this special offer free phone 0800 980 6665 or order online at

Positive promotions with professional impact

Eco Everyday was founded as a social enterprise on the ethos that products do not need to harm the environment, By working in harmony in nature, we can still create the quality required from our consumers, and still contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Ethical and environmental concerns form the heart and soul of their operations. As more and more commercial organisations and individuals become conscious of environmental issues and their social responsibility, Eco Everyday provides the perfect place for ethical minded corporations and individuals to contribute to the cause while not having to do any extra work. All you have to do is explore their range of products, find what you like, and they will do the rest.

Friday, 14 June 2013


eco cuisine is an ethically run catering business. They use British farmers and fishermen and British and/or organic fruits and vegetables. Offering you seasonal menus and produce, Sonya will guide you from your initial enquiry to the day of your event. eco cuisine can offer canapes, finger/fork buffets, hot/cold buffets, bbq's, sandwich/wrap platters, sit down meals plus staff, drinks and equipment hire. Telephone: 02088820350 Mobile: 07773298269

Friday, 7 June 2013

Sempatap Thermal - Insulate your home

Insulate your home with Sempatap Thermal, as easy as wallpaper to apply. Can be decorated with virtually anything, emulsion, wallpaper, even tiled. Sempatap Thermal immediately reduces heat loss through cold walls and ceilings providing warmer rooms. Black mould problems can be successfully treated with MGC’s Mould Eradication Kit which contains sufficient materials for 10-12m² of mould. The ME Kit has been successfully used by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Private Landlords and homeowners throughout the UK for over 25 years. Effective against mould, even in severe condensation situations. Visit Sempatap Thermal

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rewards for polluters, prison for climate campaigners

Writing in the Guardian recently, Andrew Simms asks why climate campaigners are being given prison sentences instead of medals for their bravery and public service. What if, instead of giving Marie Curie and Alexander Fleming Nobel prizes for their life-saving work on radiation and penicillin, they'd been thrown in jail? It would be perverse to return the favour of great, public works by depriving people of their freedom. Yet that is just what we're doing in Britain right now according to Simms. The contributions of the people above were remarkable, but how much greater is the challenge of preserving a readily habitable climate, and how thankful should we be to those prepared to throw their life's energy and creativity at the task? Climate campaigners have long been parodied as sandal-wearing tree huggers, veggies, lefties, greens and portrayed by the media as trouble-causing protestors. At the same time, the all-powerful corporations have sought to pervert proper science and put pressure on researchers to produce results that support the notion of climate change being part of natural cycle. Scientists who have refused to tow the line have been ridiculed and their credibility questioned. Remember The Climatic Research Unit email controversy when an unknown group hacked into the University of East Anglia’s server, and copied thousands of emails and computer files to various locations on the Internet? [Read more]