Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ethical Futures - ethical independent financial advice

ethicalfutures are ethical independent financial advisers (IFA). They specialise in ethical investment and financial planning advice. Based in Edinburgh, they advise private clients, charities and trusts throughout Scotland and the UK.

Their job is to help you make the right decisions for your needs both financially and ethically. At ethicalfutures, they believe they can help you make your money change your world. www.ethicalfutures.co.uk

Go Green with Style!

BasketBasket is a family run business based in Hampshire.
What started as a business offering a green alternative to the plastic bag has developed into a stylish range of baskets from handbags to beach baskets to household storage.
However, BasketBasket never forget their primary eco friendly objective to create a range of useful and beautiful baskets, paying fair trade prices direct to local suppliers.
Having lived in France, founder Virginia fell in love with baskets but could never find them in the UK, so launched BasketBasket in October 2008.
“We aim to offer something for all tastes - from lightweight couffin baskets to robust reed carriers - and now our baskets are appearing in hotels, delicatessens, garden centres and shops throughout the UK, as well as in homes around the world too. Neal's Yard Remedies are using one style for their own in-store shopping basket. They are handmade so each one is chic and unique!”
“The damage from plastic bags to animals and the environment is long lasting and horrific, so we hope that many people will continue to choose a reuseable bag or basket for all their shopping trips.”
Why choose BasketBasket?
  • The baskets are made by talented artisans, ensuring these ancient skills are not lost for future generations
  • By paying fair trade prices, this ensures the makers can provide a better lifestyle for their own families
  • They are all made with natural products which will biodegrade at the end of their long working life
  • To help offset the carbon in their transportation, BasketBasket are members of the Woodland Trust
  • Environmentally friendly packaging - biodegradable bubblewrap and brown paper - is used for all posted orders
For more information and to view the range available visit www.basketbasket.co.uk