Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A resurgence in wool

When Naturewarm started selling wool-filled bedding in 2005, people were sceptical about the idea that wool could be used to fill duvets. Six years down the line, the company has seen a significant revival of interest in using this material from a sustainable source, manufactured in the UK. More people are now waking up to wool in their duvets, pillows and bedtoppers and, reassuring to Naturewarm, is the fact that many customers keep coming back for more. Wool is the ideal material for temperature regulation during sleep, and is hypoallergenic. Although wool-filled duvets are light, they are warm. During the winter months, their warmth can be supplemented by using a bedtopper which rests on top of the mattress, underneath the sheet.

Naturewarm also manufactures Cosy Lambs cot duvets for use by children over the age of 12 months.

Naturewarm is a Licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board and is proud to support British sheep farmers.
Tel: 01572 767258

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