Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Big increase in sales of fuel efficient cars

Rising fuel prices have encouraged more people to buy low emission, fuel efficient cars according to the motor industry body SMMT. In fact, 47% of cars sold in 2011 emitted less than 130g per km, an increase of 11% since 2007.

Average emissions from new cars sold in 2011 stood at 138.1g/km. The average must fall below 130g/km by 2015, then below 95g/km by 2020, in line with European Union regulation.

New or nearly new cars are now so fuel efficient that, combined with the current high cost of petrol and diesel, switching from an old, thirsty model often pays for itself. And it is not only private car buyers who have cottoned on to this. Demand for fuel efficient cars has also soared amongst fleet buyers.

Both fleet and private car buyers realise this, so demand for fuel efficient cars has soared.

There are other savings too, such as road tax and insurance, which are typically lower for low emission cars. Many green insurance companies also now offer discounts for drivers of low emission and fuel efficient cars.

Taken in combination, the savings from driving a low emission car can be significant.


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