Thursday, 14 November 2013

Living more sustainably also means saving money!

It's easy to forget the money side of things when moving to a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint. Put simply, living more sustainably saves money. Switch that around, and it means that saving money helps us to lead more sustainable lives. Better for your pocket = better for the planet.

It's amazing when you really consider the amount of money that we could save simply by making a few simple changes. It comes back to the old adage - every penny saved is a penny earned. That doesn't mean, of course, that we have to make hard sacrifices to save a few quid. Quite the contrary, its often the simple changes that generate the greatest savings. Piggy Bank is a free website that provides lots of useful tips and ideas for saving money whilst helping the planet.

A family we knew recently changed their old gas guzzling boiler, reducing their carbon emissions whilst shaving £25 each month off their fuel bill. Over a few years it actually pays for itself. Beyond that its all profit. They also changed their 2.0 engine 4 x 4 for a smaller but equally practical family car - the road tax, fuel and insurance costs saved them a further £80 each month.

There are obviously many more changes that can be made to save literally thousands of pounds each year. A good idea is to write down your monthly outgoings and then consider how each one could be reduced. Try it! You could save a small fortune.

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