Thursday, 5 December 2013

Global SeeSaw

With Christmas less than a month away, many people are busy with buying gifts for family and friends and overwhelmed by the number of choices that need to be made.

For many, life becomes that bit more complicated as the “need to get presents bought” competes with values and the desire to “do Christmas differently.”

Our friends have told us how they want to avoid retail giants such as Amazon for a wide number of reasons. Others have said how important gifts are that make a real difference to both those who make them and those who receive them. We think that is where we can help.
Each one of the items listed on our website are handmade by great people at social businesses’ where the employees are at the centre. They do not cut staff to slash costs and increase profits for owners. Instead it is the staff who are the key people. Through running as a clear social enterprise we use business as a tool to move people out of poverty and exploitation. We believe business can make a real difference and whether Christmas or not, we make sure people are empowered and lives changed.
In the last few months we have revamped our website and have both new and popular existing products.  Why not help us to help you this Christmas and visit our online shop to find great presents which show that you have thought of people.

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