Sunday, 18 May 2014



BohoHemp, have just released their first ever video starring the beautiful Melissa Wells, Green Goddess and former HollyOaks star.  Melissa commented on how gorgeous the clothes felt when she was modelling the clothes and even struck a few yoga poses herself on the Heath.

“We decided to choose Hampstead Heath as the location as it brings together the rural and urban environments in perfect synergy. I felt the site really reflects the versatility in wearing the clothes. They can be worn in a everyday durable way for walking, yoga, lounging around but can also be ideal for a smart casual wear to work look, or going out on the night for a more dressy in the city style!

 The aim of the video is to try to bring the clothes to life making the link between the past, present and future. I also wanted to get the feel of the garments across to the viewer and I hope the vid goes a little way towards doing that. Whenever anyone purchases some of the BohoHemp range, they are always amazed by the quality and the luxurious nature of the clothing”.

Emma, BohoHemp Director and Business Owner

This is the first of many so checkout the online shop to view and let me know what you think of it? Any ideas too about you would like to see in future videos, always welcome to hear.



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