Monday, 6 October 2014

Essence of Eden Premium Raw Organic Coconut Oil

Buy Wholesale Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil Online

We have a choice... we can continue to ingest hydrogenated oils through our diets causing obesity, digestive disorders, heart disease, premature ageing, diabetes, etc... or...

We can use one of the good saturated fats, used in times before 1920, Essence Of Eden, 100% Organic Virgin coconut oil, "the healthiest oil on earth" Bruce Fife. (Along with healthy diet and exercise).

There are many different brands of virgin coconut oil available in the UK, mainly cold pressed, Expeller pressed or worse copra.

However Essence Of Eden is different because their oil is produced without pressing or heat to extract the oil, which retains the highest possible level of nutrients, therefore giving a Premium oil.

The second distinctive mark between Essence Of Eden virgin coconut oil and others is that their oil is Certified by the Soil Association, USDA and Indocert. This applies not only to the processing plant but the Farm itself, the Process, the Exporter and Importer all inspected and certified plus they are licensed by Defra so you really know you are getting - ORGANIC!!

Thirdly, they present their oil to you in glass jars, to enable you to see the quality of their product and that it has no gray/yellow patches of mould which you would not be able to detect if plastic tubs were used. So please enjoy, being assured that you have the best quality oil available!


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