Wednesday, 2 December 2009

UK energy smart meter to be in stalled in all households in UK

Its welcome news that energy suppliers are to be responsible for installing smart meters in all households in the UK by 2020.

Plans for smart meters for millions of homes have been outlined with trials suggesting that the £8bn scheme will help household save over £28 a year. The Department for Energy and Climate Change wants to see 47 million meters in 26 million properties by 2020.

The idea is that smart meters will encourage households to trim their energy bills by paying more attention to usage. In fact, trials of smart meters have shown that people do indeed moderate their energy use when they are fitted.

Smart meters have a visual display allowing customers to see exactly how much electricity and gas they are using and relay the data to energy firms automatically.

Definitely a step in the right direction to greater energy efficiency.

Dr. Gary Robertshaw
The Green Providers Directory

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