Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Beyond Organic Skincare - Press release 2017


Our NEW Organic Shine & Strength Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturising Body Wash and Antibacterial Hand Wash are free from all sulphates - instead containing gentle surfactants made from coconut, in quantities that cleanse without drying or irritating.

Gentle, mild & effective, these soothing concoctions are perfect for sensitive skin and those with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Each product contains a range of ingredients, including organic aloe vera and glycerin, to soothe and moisturise.

Fresh, unisex scents derived from pure organic essential oils revitalise the senses.

Suitable for home use and for the hospitality market.

“This is Exactly what I have been looking for in a natural shampoo! I only use organic products, except shampoo and conditioner as no natural one has ever felt nice…Until now! My extra-long hair loves it and so do I! Thank you.” Jade Gillow-Hurd.

“Love this conditioner and got great results with much less than I usually have to apply. Hair was soft, shiny and felt light. Brilliant product.” Debbie Young.

People with dry, damaged or coloured hair, dry skin and conditions such as eczema, should find a marked improvement by going sulphate free:

 “I have used sulphate-free shampoo, body soap, and baby wash exclusively and I have definitely noticed less flare-ups of eczema and dry scalp/dry skin, my hair is less frizzy, and my body feels softer — my hair even seems to respond better to my hair products after each shampoo!” Tamara Floyd.

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